Rainbow Pencils Headquarters


This is my passion and my mantra. I hope that by reading my comic & interacting with the things I create, your life becomes more beautiful:

  • more organized
  • more healthy
  • more peaceful


Rainbow Pencils is a comic blog, lifestyle brand, retailer, and independent publishing company based in Seattle, Washington, founded and owned by me: Amanda Baskin. The company officially launched via rainbowpencils.com on August 14, 2018.

I couldn’t decide between having a fun comic blog and having a more traditional “mom blog” with pretty pictures and practical everyday advice, so I decided to do both!


My name is Amanda Baskin. I like shopping at Target, any TV show based on Sherlock Holmes (Psych, Monk, House, etc.) and the color teal. I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve been together for almost thirteen years.

I used to be a sign painter for Trader Joe’s (and twelve other jobs in the last eight years. I’m creative. I get bored.) It was my favorite job (flower merchandising being a close second). 

I came up with the idea for Rainbow Pencils out of a desire to bring creative work home with me after my daughter was born. We had a bit of a rough start involving pediatric stroke, but I’ll write about that in a post later. Don’t worry. I don’t talk about pediatric stroke all the time.


I will be collaborating with partners like Paper Source, Puffin Books, Paperless Post, and Target. I don’t see these as affiliate links. Some of the items I link to are free. The purpose of the shop is to bring together a collection of beautiful things that I hope will make your life easier.

Please let me know if there’s something I can assist you with or ways that I can improve your shopping experience.

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