Grasshopper S’mores

I have a deep, dark chocolate secret to confess. As a kid, I didn’t like s’mores. I was spoiled, so the quality of Hershey’s chocolate wasn’t enough for me. And the s’more elements just didn’t jive. This idea improves upon the classic recipe by substituting graham crackers & chocolate with Keebler grasshopper cookies.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, grasshopper cookies are basically Keebler’s version of the Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies. Except they’re cheaper. And they’re available year ’round. My parents frequently kept them in the freezer, because they’re even more delicious cold. You could take this recipe a step further by freezing it and making yourself an ice-cream sandwich.

This treat is dangerously simple. You get the best of both the substituted elements: a chocolatey outer layer with a minty crunchy center. I hesitate to call it a recipe. It is, without doubt, the best s’more I’ve ever had. Or is it the world’s best Oreo? I’ll let you decide.

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